Control Custom Configurations

From locking down USB ports to enforcing password settings, Automox makes the process of bringing systems into compliance and keeping them there, quick and easy.

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Deploy and Patch 3rd Party and Custom Software

Create policies that easily deploy a broad set of 3rd party software across Windows, Mac OS X, and LINUX platforms.

Choose to completely automate all of your 3rd party software patching, or manage the process through your existing workflow. You can see the full list of supported 3rd party software.

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Enforce Required Software

Automox required software policies insure that critical software is installed, configured, and remains on client machines regardless of geographic location.

You can also "blacklist" software you want to keep off your network.

Eliminate The Need For Maintaining “Gold Images”

Gold images are out of date moments after they are created, and few IT departments have time scheduled to keep them current.

Automox enables you to actively manage a set of “gold image” policies without the need to work with each individual device. As you change your gold image policies, those changes are automatically enforced on exactly the workstations that require them.

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Make Regulatory Compliance Easier

Industry compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, and CIS are massive and hard to keep up with. With Automox you can automate enforcement of a large number of patching and configuration requirements and ease your compliance workload.

Create Custom Configuration Settings And Policies

The Automox custom scripting engine lets you create custom scripts for Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

Automate Configuration Enforcement

Each configuration setting enables you to set both the evaluation and remediation action. Once established, Automox ensures the configuration remains enforced automatically.

Pre and post configuration reports allow you to quickly demonstrate compliance to internal and external auditors.

See examples of our reports.

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Instant visibility of system inventory, vulnerability status, and policy compliance.

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Configurable patch automation, software deployment, and workflow management.

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